Monday, March 31, 2008

The Music Gods Have Humor

If i go crazy then will u still call me superman? if im alive and well will you be there holding my hand? i keep you by mysdide with my superhuman mind kryptonite

Kryponite--3 Doors Down

You know what? im tired of having to be "Momma" to everyone and having to be worried about everyone else. You know what i want to do?
Blare The Beatles really loud and just sink into the mellowness of it all.
u know, i think i might go to the hosue today instead of Mimi's get some Apple Jacks and blare Beatles and just mellow out.

Because the world is round it turns me on
Because the world is round...aaaaaahhhhhh

Because the wind is high it blows my mind
Because the wind is high...aaaaaaaahhhh

Love is all, love is new
Love is all, love is you

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue...aaaaaaaahhhh


~Because by the Beatles

how can you not mellow out to that song??? and thats the full song too. Ugh, i wish the damn bell would ring already, i need to go now! i cant stay in this room any fucking longer! these stupid guys are driving me insane! i swear to Carlisle! and it doesnt help that everyones asking me where James is. Im not his keeper! i dont fucking know! okay? nd its not helping with you dumbasses asking me! okay? so just leave me the fuck alone! ugh! i need my beatles bad man. Im gonna go become a Hippie cool? i hope so because thats ewhat im gonna do. im going to become nothing but a hippie eating my apple jacks and mellowing out to the Beatles. Cool? I just have to get Hobo Stab Insurance to be official. cool? can anyone else tell im just doing this to try to keep myself busy? cuz thats all im doing. cool? soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
4 1/2 hours of Guitar Hero can kill you. I dreamed Guitar Hero, owke up singing Mississippi Queen by Mountain (1970!)okay? thats bad! ugh i need Beatles on my ipod! bad! especially today. dude. that was weird! i tried to type and im not really thinking about what im typing or anythign like my minds thinking it hands typing and i typed "Escape" hhaahaahahaha thats what i need an escape. ooh music gods have humor! this song just came on:
When I see your smile
Tears run down my face I can't replace
And now that I'm stronger I've figured out
How this world turns cold and breaks through my soul
And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

It's ok. It's ok. It's ok.
Seasons are changing
And waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer and nights grow shorter
I can show you I'll be the one

I will never let you fall
[ Your Guardian Angel lyrics found on ]
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

Cuz you're my, you're my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away
Cuz I'm here for you
Please don't walk away,
Please tell me you'll stay, stay

Use me as you will
Pull my strings just for a thrill
And I know I'll be ok
Though my skies are turning gray

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

haha stupid music gods suck majorly. i dont want to listen to depressing songs! i need my Beatles to get me out of the emoness mood. aahhh! i think i pissed off the music gods, ipods not playing...fixed it! just kidding!
haha so me and helen have decided that our Religion is Music. COol? so from now on, i am not crossing myself like the Catholic Im not, im not gonna be the Baptist kid, or any of that bull shit. I am of the Music Religion.COol? Ugh lack of Beatles driving me insane. i need beatles for a minute! just a little shot of it not much. oh my buddist Carlisle god (oh im not Buddist either. i am of the music religion) im talking about the Beatles as if they were drugs. AhH! damn Helen to the pits of hell for introducing me to such a toxic, addictive substance. haha. no, if i damn helen, im going to. Wait, i'd have to damn her to the pits of music hell, which would be like all "Devil WEnt Down to Georgia" like and nonstop rock. which wuld rock. so. yes. i damn myself to Hell. Haha. wait then the Beatles and hippie music would be Heaven? ugh! i am torn between Heaven and HEll. AHH! oh well. dont care. either works.
we got Heaven vs. Hell.
Beatles vs. ROck.
Mellow thinking vs. no thinking.
Wish do u choose?
okay so seriously now. the bell should be ringing soon. no. its only 11:30. we stay here for about another 25 minutes. ahhhh im bored. ..........................................................................
ugh i have PT next. gag me I hope we play Volleyball though so i can show everyone i do play volleyball and im not scared of the fucking ball like Taylor accused.ugH !i hate him. i really do. i know theres the whole dont hate anyone thing but too bad i hate the guY! hes annoying and rude and ugh! whatever.
im going.
bells about to ring.
dont forget to chekc todays other post below this one


Last Night

You come to me with your scars on your wrist
You tell me this will be the last night feeling like this
I just came to say goodbye
I didn't want you to see me cry, I'm fine
But I know it's a lie

This is the last night you'll spend alone
Look me in the eyes so I know you know
I'm everywhere you want me to be
The last night you'll spend alone
I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go
I'm everything you need me to be

Your parents say everything is your fault
But they don't know you like I know you
They don't know you at all
I'm so sick of when they say
It's just a phase, you'll be o.k. you're fine
But I know it's a lie

This is the last night you'll spend alone
Look me in the eyes so I know you know
I'm everywhere you want me to be
The last night you'll spend alone
I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go
I'm everything you need me to be
The last night away from me

The night is so long when everything's wrong
If you give me your hand
I will help you hold on
Tonight, tonight

This is the last night you'll spend alone
Look me in the eyes so I know you know
I'm everywhere you want me to be
The last night you'll spend alone
I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go
I'm everything you need me to be

I won't let you say goodbye
And I'll be your reason why
The last night away from me
Away from me

So today has not been a good day at all like AT ALL.
most people know what im talking about
basicly, i was told that if someone wasnt here today then thats bad because then hes not here like here here anywhere. follow? and thats bad. some people would be happy but im not. this is bad. this is very very bad like superbad without mclovin bad.
and thats not good.
at all.
like remember that emoness mood where i said life doesnt matter.
i was wrong. i was very very wrong. life does matter, it matters alot. matters. end of story, everyone matters, end of story.
Got it?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Just Some Wishfull Thinking.....

yes i am aware i stole Kaila's post title but oh well she'll forgive me.

Kayy's Wishes
1. that people will quit stealing my things (my covenant dvd, my TAPS shirt, my buckcherry shirt...)
2. Things werent confusing
3. You knew about the rumors going on about you
4. High school drama didnt suck
5. I could pronuonce this Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle
6. I had money
7. I had a rich mommy and didnt have to joke about them at the mall
8. Edward was real.
9. People dont talk shit
10. if ur gonna get into a fight get into the fight
11. No violence and peace would be nice
12. the government to realize that theres no more war. it died out. Bring our boys home!
13. the statement "hugs not drugs" could be said now and have power
14. Emoness moods didnt exist
15. The Beatles made sense

I am surrounded by Dumbasses

haha thats a line from Spaceballs aka the most wickedly awesome movie ever!
haha but it is true.
i am surrounded by Dumbasses. i mean in the past ten minutes, all the dumbasses in my CMS class freaked out because the eighth graders were coming. okay whoopdefuckingdoo, a bunch of kids we get ot shove into lockers and trash cans. the only reason to care about them is to see who fits where. Then they freaked out when the cookie people came. i mean yeah its the cookie people but geez. the cookies arent that good. and now they are standing at the door waving. if u want to freak out the upcoming freshies then do one of these scenearios:

Scene one!
walk alone into the hallway and whisper in a freshie's ear "you look tasty"
they know think you are cannibal and will eat them.

Scene Two: (this one you need one friend with you and one leading the freshies around)
walk with friend in hall
casually mention how the freshies this year will easily fit into the lockers.
turn to friend escorting freshies: "have you shown them the lockers and the torture chambers?"

Scene Three: when all else fails use this one
sit on bench as they pass by
pet your invisible cat
rock yourself back and forth while laughing maniacally
for extra fun: try to reach out and grab them

these scenearios will ensure best scarement s for upcoming freshies

okay i do believe i am done with this blog.
the end
Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Uhm.....*Caution is advised*

So i have officially decided that Plato is fuckin retarded i mean Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle people! I am not five and i know how to use a motherfucking table of contents and i know how to fucking alphabatize. im not fucking three you window licker! okay! and seriously, if i cant read then why the fuck would i be doing this you little motherfucking asshole! God!

*calms down*

okay. sorry for that. okay so today was exciting. it started out when i realized im not going to be able to wear my cult uniform for the second time in a row because we keep forgetting to pick it up! and we just got out of sprin break so i know Sargents gonna bitch me out for that one. ugh and then i get to shool (still half asleep) and hang out with Sarah for a bit, she waits on Bryan, then i went to clean out my locker which i havent used in god knows how long. and then i went downstairs and BRandon flirted with me. i went outside, and helped Nichole sell some brownies and muffins she made. Then BRandon flirted with me again. and he wouldnt buy a muffin. You know i kind of wish James was here so i couldl tell him he had a fight right there he coulda taken. i wouldnt mind any. thats mean. oh well. back to the muffins. the muffins were ubercoolawesome and i bought a muffin afn they were yummy and Helen got one. Then we got really hyper and i talked uberfast and we went inside to bug Cauis, who looked very Luke Dane-ish. (haha Danish like Danish the pastry ha ha) cuz he had a red flannel shirt. no backwards baseball cap though. then i was informed of literary terms i was supposed to do but helen being hte ubernicehardfreakingcore friend she is forgot to tell me so i rushed to finish them but Cauis said i could do them tonight (THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then we went on talking about the assignments and everything then somehow eall the guys were being nerdy with Cauis (OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!) and talking about Star Wars and im like oh wow. Oh yeah and Speed and Nic quoted full scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail aka the ultimate Stoner Movie!well lets see...... i cant think of anything else. other than nope nothing. oh i read Fangs blog and this chicks asking the most random, off the wall, bizarre questions ever and let me tell you i had to go back to the plato and get broed out of my mid every five seconds to keep from busting up laughing. it was funny though.and lets see what else.........
oh i read Helens really depressing emo Edward story and it was really good, even though it said "Washington/California border" i informed her a whole other state was there too (oregon) and i start to wonder if she really is Rosalie on the inside, you know blonde and a bit dumb on the inside. i mean this is the chick who were were talking about Mercedes and she says "what about a Benz?" lol im kidding Helen! u know i love you! haha ugh i have a done enough pointless assignments on gayto yet?! this is boring i mean Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle can we not be treated like second graders just once! ugh! oh yeah th little middle schoolers are coming to tour the school. reminds me of when me and BEth cam elast year. the reject wore high heels wile we walked around being the loud boy crazy freaks we are, pointing out over 300 "hot" guys. theres not even a hundred now and i know 200+ guys didnt all graduate! haha oh speaking of Beth, I talked with her for a brief second, well more like she used me so she could text TIm no doubt, and after Helen was all like "why do u even talk to her ugh" being all kind of snob-bitch. sorry helen but u were. and if she ever reads this i can hear it now. ugh its like coral-ish (coral from RW/RR Gauntlet) "y would u try to say that on ur blog and ont just tell me in person" because i didnt think about it, im trying not to fight with my best friend thanks.
if u havent noticed i have tons of best friends. haha SO this is uber long so im gonna quit for now.
peace and love
Kayy ♥

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Going to Get the Stripper at Walmart, Mmkay?

Haha just kidding. the Marines got to her first. Haha. So let me fill u in. Ovr the last half of Spring Break, I went to Jacksonville, NC to Camp Lejuene (spell check?) to see my brother-in-law Daniel off to Iraq. Very depressing, let me tell you. And so Mom told me i could hug the hot MArines who didnt have families and that cheered me up a little bit but all the good ones had family. Haha so then we decided on Easter to dye my hair instead of eggs. (we were gonna dye eggs before Daniel left and have an Easter egg hunt for Juan, Nikki and Daniel's friend, but we forgot.) So orginally we were just gonna strip my hair of all chemicals (which is where the stripper at Walmart came in) but we decided to dye it instead. So then the ten hour trip back to the good ol' KNoxville was okay, it wasnt too dreadful. Except before we left Nikki's i told Chris (my evil stepdad) to shut up after he screamed at me to shut up twiec. So my phones gone. Again. And then last night we got into an argument, that was nice. If you're a friend of mine, then you already know the gory details. Except maybe Kaila but thats because i havent talked to her in like Ever (okay a day but still!) Haha well now im supposed to have my stuff moved into the tiny clausterphobic room that might hold my bed and if i jungle gym everywhere, i might be lucky enough to get my dresser. I might not be able to open it but hey. And the stupid thing is, the room arrangements werent a problem. At all. we tried to include my stepsister Chelsie, Chris (the evil stepdad) took it wrong and now im supposed to be shoved in a tiny bedroom that i will surely die in from clausterphobia. (okay so im not really that clausterphobic, i like small spaces SOMETIMES but this will make me clausterphobic. Its tiny!) So yeah. and that brings you up to date. though i doubt anyone actually reads this thing other than maybe Kaila and Helen but whatev. so.
oh i forgot my daily German!
Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle
oh wait italics
Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle
okay there ya go. so im bored.
oh we're starting the ever depressing Edgar Allen Poe in English class.
Yesterday (i wasnt at school. sorry for that.) we were supposed to read "the cask of armidillo" (spell check!) for homework and we discussed it today. I have to read it for homework tonight but i got the main point of it. Basically this guy gets this other guy drunk then kills him by chaining him to a wall in this catacomb which i think is like an underground like cemetery basically. and cave like. sorta. i dont know. but tonight we have to read "Sniper." It sounds kinda freaky but its probably just somethign stupid. Ugh. this Edgar Allen Poe shit is gonna get me depressed again. And god knows that we dont need that bad emo mood back, please? i mean im finally getting back into the hiphop music again! sheesh! and then what else... i cant think of anything to really update ya on. Except.....................................................
haha sucks for you.
cant think of anything. haha so lets look atht stuff and ill see if theres anything i can rant about on there.
one sec...
Nope. Unless you havent seen the thing about the guy playing James. Except i never really saw JAmes looking as if he just came off Survivor. huh, thats weird.
So lets see what else...
ooh, HElen threatened to cut my bans so i actually have bangs instead of the one random strip. but i like my random strip so nuhh! and lets see oh yeah my new hometown! i have decided that i am going to move to Wallace, North Carolina. Its this little hole in the wall town off of Interstate 40 Westbound. its one of the exits (dont ask me which i dont remember) and you turn left and then drive three miles then you hit Wallace, Bulldog Country. Yeah i was in this town maybe ten minutes and im in love with it. Its near JAcksonville, relatively anyway. we stopped in wallace to get breakfast so. and it has that little hometown, everyone knows ya type thing. kinda like a Stars Hollow-y feeling. No Babbette and Miss Patty though. I think i saw a Diner though. haha.So i have decided that Wallace is like amazing so im moving soon there. Okay, so probably not, i love KNoxville and good ol' tennessee too much to do that but i will visit often! haha so yeah; the end. Im in love with a town. haha. so lets see. i dont thinkt heres anything else that needs sharing. oh wait! i just remembered! okay so u know bout WInter Jam? the ubercoolawesome concert with the ubercoolawesome band Skillet? yeah they got snowed in in Indiana and then they cancelled the rest of the tour because other concert schedules the differen bands had wouldnt allow it to continue. Yeah we were jipped. oh well. Oh the gatlinburg trip! i can inform you on that! okay so i spent the night over at Chelseys (kailas sister) and Kaila tuesday night during spring break. and then we got up the next morning, picked up JT, and then me Kaila Chelsey, and Jason headed to WonderWorks. But it was too packed so we went to just drive around Gatlinburg instead. So we drove through the Gatlinburg strip and passed things like "The Rock Shop" (where JT said we get crack rocks) and then we passed the Acorn Store where JT made thins lovely comment "i you want some fucking acorns go into your motherfucking front yard!" haha. so then JT sat in the middle and yelled out the back window asking for his baseball like a retard and yelling "Floppy Cock" instead of "Rocky Top" haha. then we went to eat at O'Charley's then shopping at Rue 21. where i got a new shirt, and JT tried on a small girls shirt that said "Shake it like a salt shaker" haah then we found a large girls and this one had a sandwhich and a piece of bacon and the bacons like "you can find me in the club" haha he supposedly wore it ot the club. haha. so the end.
i have to go.
mr. kelleys making me do gayto oh sorry plato.
gag me

Friday, March 14, 2008

♥ Bored Muchly ♥

yup. okay so i have decided to continue because i m bored to the point of uhm boredness. so yeah fuck this im gone off the internet.

Uhm, yeah ♥

forgive me for what i'm about to do
~the amend

ha dont worry that dark emoness mood isnt back i just like that part of the song. i just cant remember the name of the song. So im forever bored. Because there is nothing to do in CMS like ever and yeah. And james isnt here for certain reasons and so that makes this class borin as shit and this post 666-free. well other than the one i just typed so yeah. oh and apparently we were supposed to dress or wear green today because we wont be here on st. patricks day but did i know? course not. and i told every that if they try to pinch me i will bitch slap the fuck outta them lol. So no one has except KElly but i know she was kidding so its cool. ANd omicarlisle she went all out in green. she has green and white striped tube socks all the way up to her knee. lol and green bandana which i bet she'll get in trouble for but whatever. ugh, boredness. im thinking about going and reading eclipse but i dont think so. i might crack up laughing at bella punching a werewolf. haha
well im bored outta my mind and still have almost 40 minutes in here. ugh gaga me and i think we're on lock down or something because thats what this kid in my class just said but idk i texted helen so i should know in a minute. haha someone apparently ordered a pizza haha. dude seriously this class sucks. oh look anothe r uber long post ofr you guys. oh well nobody ever reads this though this is like the common meeting place for me and kaila. like shell leave posts for me to find on my blog and i do the same on hers. haha helen just texted back. we're supposedly on lock down. SHe said shes hiding in a dark room. i tld her we're playing lil jon in a fully lit room. we're all dead. lol. so im bored. and dude if this is like a real lock down cuz like maybe some maniac has a gun well then see ya im dead haha. i wnonder what will happen if i scream "ROSALIE!" really loud. she told me to yell for her if theres a fight. ha ha. i wonder if she'd still come. haha probably not. haha so im bored. and no one found me mr. wooden alligator did they? well everyone fails. hha. dude mr. kelly just told us if this was a real thing we'd be on hte ground hiding instead of at the computers and this guy's like "no i'd be out the door" yeah uh the cops would kill ya! good luck there buddy. haha dude i found comatose on my ipod! sweet! i love this song. it is my lover. uhm, yeah. no. dude so this is a long ass post and theres like no "dude wheres my car" quotes or "Tears Dont Fall" lyrics or nothing! not even german! i mean geez. dude the regristration forms are due in activity period when we go to homeroom. James is screwed. hes not here hence cant turn in his form. And if he did then we'd be guareenteed no classes togehter. (yes i know i suck at spelling. what u gonna do about it?) which would suck. maybe this way theres like at least a lunch period we have together.
hha Mama just came on

mama we all go to hell mama we're all gonna die
~Mama by My Chemical Romance

okay so theres some quotes but not bad. k?
Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle
oh look some german popped up
"Dude! SWEET!"
ok Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle i got the three things i said i wouldnt ok?
so sue me.
dude im going to my dads this weekend its gonna be ubersuperboringgay.yeah new word i know. dude i wonder if the cookie people are aloud to come during a lock down probably not. oh well i want to know how to pronounce Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle so i can go around saying damn it to hell in german. i wonder if u cuss in another language if it counts when ur in uniform like u know because ur not supposed to cuss in uniform (but i do anyway) and ur not supposed to show PDA (but i do anyway) ha ha. so geez i want to go home. like the trailer home not dads apartment home. though he does have guitar hero on wii. hmmmm. but i cant really talk to james over there though because one room, everyone hering converstion, i have something against that. but oh well if he calls im answering. end of story. so yeah. ohh! linkinpark on the ipod! oh well its boring. what now? uhm.......... something evanescece i think its haunted. ok else linkin park i think.....yeah its kinda loud too...cant tell oh well skip...goodies.ugh skip.....emienem. skip. 3 doors down. kryptonite. good. keep.
if i go crazy will you still call me superman? ~Kryptonite 3 Doors Down dude i love this song. it is the Scheiße (shit in german) i have a thing for german recently. oh well. holy shizniz im bored and holy shizniz this is a long ass post. and without a doubt no one reads this im just doing this to burn time. if ya really do read this shit leave a comment so i know im not just babbling to myself. thanks. so im bored. oh! i just got a really gooidea for a chapter for tears dont fall! yay! okay boredness is killing me. im gone. call me or text me sometime. u know the number.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yes, James...

you are an overprotective son of a bitch.
Just kidding.
But, still. Oh, and I heard you trying to get a class with Kayla every semester???
What the hell? That's creepy. Are you like some type of professional friendly stalker?
Anyway, Kayla, only... 112 days until vacation!!!! WHOOT!!!!
Or that's what the countdown thingy said!!!
And James, you're not coming, because you are a friggin loser. And besides... you don't want to come with us to the beach and see Kayla in a bikini and all tan and stuff, do you?
I love to torture people. Anyway, love, I must go, since I'm on the phone with you right now talking about sniffing candles!

~Peace to the outs~

Kaila Nicole

haha Parabola note Recovery



I think the Crackhead has gone delusional – she thinks we care!

The clock says 44 pi!

Life is fractions!

Amen sister friend. LOL. She probably messed up the board while she was high.

LOL probably.

Now what did you say a minute ago?

I don’t remember. LOL. Probably something mean…

No, something about Crackhead.

Oh – I said she was like giving you evil death stares. LOL.

LOL. She just did it again a sec ago. LOL. She hates me.

Nu-uh! She hates me more! LOL. At least I’m pretending to pay attention. =p

Yeah well I just don’t give a shit. Seriously, when am I going to use “parabola”? In bed? LOL.

ROFL. I told u it sounded dirty. I bet porn would come up if we Googled it.

LOL probably. With videos titled “Me and my customer for the night try parabola!”

ROFL. From 44 pi productions!

ROFL. Wow, we’re hilarious.

OMG! A scene in Twilight movie: “Bella and Edward try parabola! (Edward’s an expert on this)”

Instead of Biology class, it’s Algebra! With Crackhead!


Yeah! Dude that would be awesome. I can hear it now:

Bella: “Yeah, we need to work on parabola tonight.”

Edward: “Yeah, you really need help.”

Bella: “Good thing you’re an expert!”

Mike Newton: (under his breath in disgust) “Isn’t that kinky. Please, we don’t need to hear about your sex life!”

Me and you in audience: (Roaring with laughter.)

*Later that night, Bella and Edward are in her kitchen.*

Bella: “Oh Edward! Look at that parabola, it’s SO amazing! Do more!”

Edward: “I told you I was an expert – oh shit.”

Bella: “What?”

Edward: “Charlie’s coming.”

Charlie: “What the hell are you two doing in here?”

Bella: “Just our algebra homework, gosh.”

~LOLZ. That was gai, but whatev.

OMG that’s hilarious!

{Nest day Charlie calls Billy}

(On phone) Charlie: “Yeah, I don’t know what those two kids are up to. Algebra I think.

(From Bella’s room) Bella: Oh Edward! I love parabola, more!”

(From Bella’s room) Edward: Well ok!

(On phone) Billy: “Oh yeah, that sounds like homework.”

(In background of phone call) Jacob: “What’s the bloodsucker doing now?”

(Thinking) Edward: “That dog.”

*A battle ensues between the vampires and dogs. [Haha, I used Edward’s word] over parabola.*

And, of course, Edward is triumphant and the dogs retreat to Antarctica. And then Edward goes back to Bella’s parabola.

OMG we’re hilarious.

Dude, if my mom found these notes: “Kayla! Why are you talking about parabola?!”

ROFL! We are hilarious. I want to post all of our randomness on my blog.

Haha! Dude, people would be like ‘you sure they’re not high and their teacher is?!’

LOL. We probably are high…Inside with the square? WTF are they doing INSIDE? Messing with each other’s parabolas?

OMG did you hear her? “It’ll do the opposite of what you think” What?! So…What the hell.

I know, right? She is soooo stoned.

Dude – I just realized that next semester not only will we be out naturally crazy selves, we’ll be crazy with paint fumes!

OMG! Yay! Dude I was banned from paint at my middle school.

ROFL. What did you do?

Haha paint in the mornings, walk around with “face paint” for the rest of the day. Usually with “offensive material” on my cheek. LOL.

ROFL. U had parabolas on your cheeks.

LOL. OMG we could do that next year. Paint ‘parabola’ across our faces.

ROFL. Parabolas should be the Hardin Valley mascots!

LOL that would be awesome!

Eric’s not beat beat-boxing – it’s his response to him touching his parabola

Dude- WTF was that noise? His parabola’s on the fritz.

LOL. Woooww

Sister Ann

Well ima call her Sister Ann next time i see her and cross myself

haha i wanted to (666) do that so bad but helen wouldnt let me!
i wanted to so bad though and be like "in the name of the father and the son and of the holy ghost" but she called me a bad CAtholic then i informed her i wasnt
and then she was like then why did u want to?
and i was like cuz its funny
and i crossed myself and shes like KAYLA! dont do that!
it was funny.
oh and hte bunch of 6s up there is from james so.


so i read the post before the whole socks for mike one and like seriously, was i high or something because holy mother of edward cullen thats a long ass post. haha.
oh well at least that emoness mood is byebye thats a good thing. i think. i dont know. ill have to think on it. ugh i hate this plato shit its annoying but if i dont do it then i fail and how lame would it be to fail CAREER MANAGMENT the easiest class EVER
oh well.
if colleges are gonna 666 (note from james was the 666 thing) anyway if coleges are gona get bitchy over the one failure of CMS becuase i didnt want to do plato well then they can kiss my ass. lol
so yeah. im bored
and i finally got new music on my ipod! its all like rock shit. like right now iis cold by crossfade. its okay, i need my tears dont fall 666 (another note from james) so im bored.
now what?
geez okay do i need to tell u that was a note from james or are u just figuring it out on ur own now?
ugh im bored.
i need to find those socks or whatever to send to mike lol
ugh im bored! hey someone figure out how to get stuff like mr. wooden alligator onto here so i can watch that or something. no, five bonus points to anyone who does.
so yeah
five points
to 666
damn it!
five points goes to ur grade on whether or not i like u
so most people have like a zero so earn some fuckin points!
so bored.
gone, tryin to get mr.wooden alligator.

Socks For Mike!

Okay so the guy who plays MIke Newton in Twilight, Mike Welsh, recently had a interview with tewilightlexicon and he mentioned how he never has socks.
So we are sending him socks!
if anyone comes acroos some KArns socks, let me or Helen know.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So in case u didnt know, KAila the pimpinest from powell posted on the last one. So, i think i might finally be out of my emoness mood. Maybe. I dont know. mmm...maybe....think so.....yea....mostly oput of it. Damn, i didnt even get use out of it and write more on Devils Servant. Damn. WEll, u ppl have no clue what the fuck im talking about except KAila and maybe HElen if i told her the name of it. But thats the only people who ever read this damn thing. and possibly james, but thats only recently. So yeah. UHm... and i thnk i might be out of it. damn. ugh. its hard to type with five harirbows on ur wrist, turning ur hands funky colors. Ugh. but hey, better than other ideas. And no thtas not an emo statement, thats a fct statement. Ohhh! so guess what! Okay so u know how half baked was a nun right? yeah exnun hippie Algebra teacher. Well ima call her Sister Ann next time i see her and cross myself. Yeah i know, thats like bad and im going to burn in hell for it but wasnt i going to already? lol. ohH! look! i laughed! ha! I have my good mood back!
so. am i going ot go to Mimi's or home today?
i think hom so i squeeze out whats left of this emo business and write more in Devil's Servant. And while im at it, I'll add on to College Years for Kaila. Happy Kaila? Not only am i out of the emoness mood but im updating on one of the best stories ever! and of course, i love my fanfiction fans too much not to write some on Tears DOnt Fall and ill throw in some of the Sons too. So happy cyberworld? Kayy's gonna update some stories for ya! So MWAH! haha okay so im bored. Im thinking about writing some of tears dont fall onto my email and just email it to myself but im not in the right setting really to write so i wont. Plus god knows how many people will come over here when i start typing like superman fast and hyperventallating when i kill BElla and Edward.
haha kidding, i would never do that! till the end anyway. maybe bella will die maybe not.
i dont know
but the title is "Tears Dont Fall"
u know like the song by Bullet For My Valentine
oh heres the lyrics

Lets go!

With blood shot eyes I watch you sleeping
The warmth I feel beside me is slowly fading
Would she hear me if I called her name?
Would she hold me if she knew my shame?

There's always something different going wrong
The path I walk is in the wrong direction
There's always someone fucking hanging on
Can anybody help me make things better?

Your tears don't fall
They crash around me
Her conscience calls the guilty to come home
Your tears don't fall
They crash around me
Her conscience calls the guilty to come home

The moments died, I hear no screaming
The visions left inside me are slowly fading
Would she hear me if I called her name?
Would she hold me if she knew my shame?

There's always something different going wrong
The path I walk is in the wrong direction
There's always someone fucking hanging on
Can anybody help me make things better?

Your tears don't fall
They crash around me
Her conscience calls the guilty to come home
Your tears don't fall

They crash around me
Her conscience calls the guilty to come home

Oh! Yeah!

This battered room I've seen before
The broken bones they heal no more, no more
With my last breath I'm choking
Will this ever end I'm hoping
My world is over one more time

Lets go

Would she hear me if i called her name?
Would she hold me, if she knew my shame?

There's always something to be going wrong
The path I walk is in the wrong direction
There's always someone fucking hanging on
Can anybody help me make things better?

Your tears don't fall
They crash around me
Her conscience calls the guilty to come home
Your tears don't fall [tears don't fall]
They crash around me
Her conscience calls the guilty to come...BACK HOME!

Your tears don't fall
They Crash around me
Her conscience calls the guilty to come HOME!

So yeah, obviously the last chapter is going to be Edward's POV but whatever. And yes Edward will say "fuck" its a miracle, i know. HOw im going to type the chapter on my moms computer--no clue. I might have to do the last chapter like, at school! GASP! but yeah. Its gonna be frikin swuh-wweet. haha neew word! Dude! Sweet! Dude! Sweet!
you get a GS cookie if u know what movie thats from!
haha So im bored

okay look!
Jesse: Who's Johnny Potsmoker?
Chester: Oh ,that's my alter ego.
Jesse: Wait, I thought Johnny Potsmoker was MY alter ego.
Chester: No. Yours is Smokey McPot.
Jesse: Oh yeah.
Kaila I'm Smokey McPot! haha

oh my god, Lt. Fuzzy, (not saying full name for fear of ridicule) look!
Jeese and Chester come across an ostrich]
Jesse: Dude, it's a llama!
the EHPLA has been found out!

okay too bad i cant resist any longer! the DUDE! SWEET! DUDE! SWEET! is from "dude wheres my car" read below
[Jesse and Chester have tattoos on their backs that say "dude" and "sweet."]
Jesse: Dude! You got a tattoo!
Chester: So do you, dude! Dude, what does my tattoo say?
Jesse: "Sweet!" What about mine?
Chester: "Dude!" What does mine say?
Jesse: "Sweet!" What about mine?
Chester: "Dude!" What does mine say?
Jesse: "Sweet!" What about mine?
Chester: "Dude!" What does mine say?
Jesse: "Sweet!" What about mine?
Chester: "Dude!" What does mine say?
Jesse: "Sweet!" What about mine?
Chester: "Dude!" What does mine say?
Jesse: "Sweet!" What about mine?
Chester: [angry] "Dude!" What does mine say?
Jesse: [screaming] "Sweet!"

Dude that movie kicked ass.
so no more emoness moo! just really bad script quoting.
what now?
im bored
and i've listene to the song "Tears Dont Fall" like three times now.
but it keeps me outta the emoness mood
which is kinda weird if u think about it.
oh and i've decided, going to the house after school. but...shit. i dont have my keys.
Ficken Sie fickt Weibchen fickt Sie Arschlochbastardesel fickt Scheiße
sorry. German cussing moment.
oh...wait....i feel another foreign lanuage cussing moment coming on....
Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle
okay. good.
haha i said damn it to hell in german.
im amazed. okay this post is uber long.
do ya think i should end it?
the time on the computer says 3:26 PM! there is no way i could have spent this long, could i?
check phone
ok 11:27
i about flipped the fruck out.
yea, i can type all caps "holy fuck" but im not gonna say "flipped the fuck out"
oh Verdammen Sie es zu Hölle
whoops. hha
i did it again! I cussseded in German again! ha! I am ammazing! well me and the guy who invented "copy and paste" lol
bored out of my FRUNKin mind.
yeah new word.
u know how "funk" sometimes sounds like "fuck" which the code word for "fuck" is "fruck" so i combined "fruck" and "funk" and got "frunk"
so yeah
what the frunk is going on
haha that sounds funny in my head
but im not saying it aloud yet
because i wanna test it when im alone so i can judge it.
and i have a realy weird feeling that someone is standing behind me *checks while typing* nope. okay we're good.
unless som weird ghost thing is really stalking me or something. and then it sounds like a job for JASON AND GRANT! DUH_DUH_DUH! oh and STEVE AND TANGO! YAY!
oh speakin of TAPS i think ima convince someone to order a TAPS shirt for me since ine is AWOL.
i think my stalker ghost stole it because she got mad that she didnt have one
im lookin online right now at the TAPS website ha! i found it! except...its a mens shirt. its the one i had before though oh well! I WANT IT! heres a pic of my shirt im getting
ha ha! thats like the only good shirt they have
i had orginally gotten mine at Hot Topic but like i said my stalker ghost stoleeded it from me so. oh no wonder it was me's i was lookin in mens without realizing it.
so leemee look again...
okay no. the only good one they have is the one i had.
so oohh! TAPS stickers!
eh none good.
aw that sucks.
i was gonna email them and ask them if they would like to help me and KAila fulfill the lifetime (more like summertime) dream of washing their vans for them but it no no on there. poohey

oh god
the bell just rang and Kelley aint lettin us go yet. oh shit

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


.... is an overprotective son of a bitch. James, buddy, listen up: Kayla doesn't cut herself, cause if she did, Helen and I would have her ass before you would even THINK about it.
If you're going to worry about her, then at least acknowledge her when she gives you your jacket back instead of just a "oh. thanks" and walk off.
You now have lowered your grade down to a C. Let's hope you don't get an F, cause then you fail, and Helen and I (with our vampire and avian-hybrid talents) will kick your ass.
Or we'll just... prank call you and tell you you have seven days to live.
Either will work.
So, think about that, and don't stress about Kayla.
Oh, and if you ever hurt her again, you won't be able to make babies.
*wink wink*
I think I've said enough.
Thanks for letting me rant, James... or should I say "LAZZERRR Man!!!!"

No Clue

So everything is very emoness. Yes, i am aware of this fact. And why? i'm not sure, i think its from all the drama going on. Everything is just so overly confusing and annoying almost.
LIke it feels as if i can never do anything right.
nothing is right.
everythings lies. so. the end
and whats even worse is that the one person who noticed something was wrong has no clue that some of its about him. I wont mention names but alot of the drama does circulate around him and its realy bad. Yet hes the only ne who can make everything okay again.
I'm gone

OKay, correction

okay so just in case someone reads the blog and thinks ima commit suicide, i'm not.
I know the song says something about it but im not going to commit suicide.

Last Resort

So i decided that the only way to even express how fucked up life is is with a beautiful song. its not the entire song but it still means the same. enjoy...
Cut my life into pieces
I've reached my last resort, suffocation, no breathing
Don't give a fuck if I cut my arms bleeding
Would it be wrong, would it be right
If I took my life tonight, chance are that I might
Mutilation out of sight and I'm contemplating suicide
Cause I'm losing my sight, losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine
Nothing's alright, nothing is fine
I'm running and I'm crying
I never realized I was spread too thin
Till it was too late and I was empty within
Hungry, feeding on chaos and living in sin
Downward spiral, where do I begin
No love for myself and no love for another
Searching to find a love upon a higher level
Finding nothing but questions and devils
Cause I'm losing my sight, losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine
Nothing's alright, nothing is fine
I'm running and I'm crying
~Last Resort by Papa Roach

Fake It

you mean nothing
~Posiedon from the movie the Odessey

SO i am continuing my very emoness mood. Why you ask? Because life sucks. I think Poseidon was right. We mean nothing. Now i'm not saying that we can go around killing people and saying "oh well the Greek (?) god of ocean and earthquakes says we dont mean anything. im obeying the gods." im not ssaying that, im saying that we really might be here for no reason. Im just saying Oprah's wrong, we have no purpose in life. We really dont. All the emo kids u shy away from really have a point. I mean like we really dont matter. Yeah, people miss us when we die but thats it. There's no big plan for us or anything, we're here for the gods' (if they exist) amusement. And nothing else. We're Comcastic, remember? WE're cable for the gods. THats its. ANd so it doesnt matter how rich or poor we are, it doesn't matter. So the only thing we can do in this life, is fake it. Fake everything. Fake it.

Fake it if your out of direction Fake it if you don't belong Fake it if you feel like infection

Monday, March 10, 2008


Lies...all i know is lies....
~theAmend, something i will never do again

so everything sucks.
i mean everything,
like nothing is ever gonna go right, ever. like okay so the odessey people are smokin dope, i know it, and thats not right. thats not right on twenty different levels. Lets see, life sucks and thats not supposed to happen so thats not right. oh and true love isnt right. its a thing of ficiton, something of fantasy, something that will never happen. True love happening is like Edward CUllen coming and rescuing me from this hell of a life. but we all know thats not going to happen: lets face it Edward doesnt exist. He never did never will. I mean i'm a twilight fan more than the next kid but its not true. nothing is, the vampires, the true love. nothing.
nothing is real.
It might have taken me 14 years to figure this out, but i finally get it. when ur little they tell u all these called love and happiness but its not true. None of it, and when the adults read you the story of the princess being woken up by her "true love's first kiss" you can see it in their eyes, its a lie. and then we cling on to these false hopes when we're older, still belieiving in all this only to have an ephiany and realize how it was all lies. Yea I know this is all real emo stuff but think about it, its all true. i mean, everything in life is nothing but a big joke, busy work, something to do before we die. WE mean nothing, life means nothing. if there is a god then he create dus as playthings, things he can look at and go "oh thats funny" its like we're just cable, really really good cable. we're like DishTV or whatever. WE're Comcastic. WE're nothing. WE mean nothing really and life is hell. Pretty much.
okay well im back into my emoness mood, and im ending my rant now before i sound like a serial killer.


haha so Death at a funeral is AMAZING. heres a few quotes from the guy who was stoned the entire funeral, SImon, this guys was also Steve the Pirate.
Martha: Simon.
Simon: [from behin the locked bathroom door] Simon.
Martha: Simon!
Simon: Simon.
Martha: Sy!
Simon: Mon.

Simon: Why are my hands so big?

Simon: [the coffin starts moving] I knew it!

Simon: [hallucinating] Was there a dog in here just now?

Simon: everything is


Friday, March 7, 2008


okay so todays been interesting so far. I have decided im going to that gay little Spring Fling Thing at school tonight, i'm going home with HElen and shes doing something funky with my hair. So yeah. and Coach Rice was singin "way i live" and Baker said "baller!" and Cauis goes "No. BallA. theres an A use it."
so im officially scared outta my fuckin mind. Rice is losing it.
Well off to feed homeless people.
go to it!
use if ya need to!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

todays a good day

a very good day. and for you?



I need new music, DESPARATELY
so desparately i cant speell!
so yeah HELP!
comment them to me


so if youve read the last five posts then u would have known about my German phase and how my translator sucks. Yeah, oh and plappern is an actual german word meaning babble. So yeah. Theres ur german lesson of the day. im out for now. Back later,


Monday, March 3, 2008


okay so apparently, the German translator i used earlier sucks because for one of the posts when translated back means this:

Be correct, too thereby were only too good. I loved it. I am overwhelming. Let me you therefore tell. I love life now directly, all thanks to this a small place. (which I at the end of this Blog) will so set up, this is cools down in such a way I have attraction white which to discuss. There is nothing really like nothing at all. Oh well I can a German post plappern. I ill Plappern, on around like insignificant policy is. No I will save the policy for another time. Very well. I am made for Kayy

German agaiN!

Ficken Sie fickt Weibchen fickt Sie Arschlochbastardesel fickt Scheiße

figure it out.


Stimmen Sie, zu damit nur zu gut war. Ich habe es geliebt. Ich bin überwältigend. Lassen Sie mich Sie darum erzählen. Ich liebe Lebens jetzt gleich, alle Dank zu dieser einer kleinen Stelle. (Den ich am Ende von diesem Blog) so ja aufstellen werde, dies ist so abkühlt ich habe angezogen weiß was zu besprechen. Es gibt nichts wirklich. wie nichts überhaupt. Ach kann gut ich ein deutscher Posten plappern. Ich krankes Plappern, auf um wie bedeutungslose Politik ist. Nein werde ich die Politik für eine andere Zeit sparen. JA. sehr gut. Ich bin Kayy gemacht

Here's the english....
Okay, so that was just too good. I loved it. I am awesome. Let me tell you about it. I love life right now, all thanks to this one little site. (which I will post at the end of this blog) so yes, this is so cool i dont know what to talk about. There is nothing really. like nothing at all. Oh well i can babble a German post. I ill babble on about how meaningless politics is. No, i will save the politics for another time. YEs. very well. I'm done

I have decided

since im superdeduperuberbored that i will post an entire post in nothing but German. why German? Because, it looks cool. lol here it goes!

Seien Sie so hier mein deutsches Blogding. Ja überrasche ich. Werden so was wir besprechen? Ich denke, dass wir Vampire besprechen sollten. Oder wäre es vampyres? ich habe angezogen kennt ach gut. So glaube ich, dass Cauis mich und Rosalie für unseren wunderbaren vampyre Rede in Klasse, das bestrafen wollte, warum er uns gemacht hat, an aus Papieren vorbeigehen. Ja glaube ich so. so. dies ist es. Mein deutscher Posten.

So here be my German blog thing. Yes I am amazing. So what shall we talk about? I think we should talk about vampires. Or would it be vampyres? i dont know oh well. So I believe that Cauis wanted to punish me and Rosalie for our wonderful vampyre talk in class, thats why he made us pass out papers. Yes, I do believe so. so. this is it. My German post.


okay so the song i posted down there is "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. I have known that song since i was five, every word, since five. K? So i got curious. What is it in German? Enjoy!

Sagen Sie Ihre Gebete, wenig ein vergisst, mein Sohn, Nicht jeden miteinzuschließen

Hineinstecken$$$$$$, kommt innerhalb Sie, von zu befreien, Bis der sandman er wärmt Behält sündigen

Schlaf mit einem Auge Packend offen Ihr Kissen dicht

Ausgang: zünden Sie Einträgt an: Nacht Nehmen meine Hand, die Wir ab nie nie Sind, zu landen

Etwas falsch, schließt die leichten Schweren Gedanken heute Abend Und sie sind nicht von Schneewittchen

Träume des Krieges, Träume von Lügnern das Feuer von Träumen dem Drachen Und von Dingen, die beißen werden

Schlaf mit einem Auge Packend offen Ihr Kissen dicht

Ausgang: zünden Sie Einträgt an: Nacht Nehmen meine Hand, die Wir ab nie nie Sind, zu landen

Jetzt lege ich mich, hinunter zu schlafen, Bete, dass der Herr meine Seele behält, Wenn ich sterbe, bevor ich
wecke, Betet, dass der Herr, den meine Seele nimmt

Besänftigen Sie kleines Baby, sagt, dass kein Wort Und nie jenes Geräusch bedenken, das Sie gehört haben, dass
Es nur die Tiere unter Ihrem Bett In Ihrem Wandschrank, in Ihrem Kopf Ist

Ausgang: zünden Sie Einträgt an: Nacht das Getreide von Sand

Ausgang: zünden Sie Einträgt an: Nacht Nehmen meine Hand, die Wir ab nie nie Sind, zu landen

translation from:

Yay! I get a Break!

finally, I get a break from all the frikin drama at Karns! First of all, I didnt see Phoebe this morning so I dont get the 3rd degree from her about how "I'm letting him fill my head with lies...your gonna do that to BRandy, your gonna do that to my sister?!" Cuz honestly, i dont give a damn about Brandy and never have. And Second, James isnt here so no cryptic messages driving me insane today. yippee! So i'm in the clear for today, but hey, still got tomorrow, unfortunately. So, besides my happiness for the drama-free day, todays been pretty "eh" on the best day ever scale. Cauis made me and Helen pass out papers and we didnt know that many people. I suggested we be more social, Cauis suggested we be louder. YEah, louder. It is official, Cauis has been hanging out with Half BAked again.

So, how did everyone's weekend go? Mine was pretty fanfrikintastic. I was at Dad's this weekend. Friday was "eh" the usual. We got there late because we went to Pappaw'
s for JEnn's birthday Party. Dad got a new truck though. Its a white Dodge and its name is Ghost. (Since the red one was Clifford the Big Red Truck.) And the truck number is 69, lol. Dad says he think his supervisor did it on purpose because he knew we kids named the trucks. SAturday consisted of getting to convince Dad that he didnt have to do anything but load the cds and they'll copy into Windows MEdia Player. Then we did basically nothing except went to my neice's 2nd birthday party. We drove out to Seymour, blaring nonstop MEtallica and arguing on whether or not Bass Drum was used in parts of Enter Sandman. (after debate, I won.) we also fought over whether or not Leann could say Dad's part, which he has held since I was five and thought i could take on the "beast in under my bed" and the one in the closet too. lol. Once again, i won and she is not allowed to say Dad's part, ever. Then Sunday, we went to Circuit City, I bought a 50 pack of blank cds and dad bought a wii. So that was fun. THen we went all around the Strawberry Plains/ Carter Area looking for houses for Dad and his girlfriend to buy, once again playing loud metal. Except this time, Dad had a mix of Nazareth, Black Sabbath, and, you guessed it, MEtallica. Lovely, isn't it? A beautiful country setting, majestic moutains, oh look, a deer.. and a car with two preteens, a teenager and two midaged adults blaring metal, yelling, "Say your prayers little one
Dont forget, my son
To include everyone

Tuck you in, warm within
Keep you free from sin
Till the sandman he comes

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
Off to never never land

Somethings wrong, shut the light
Heavy thoughts tonight
And they arent of snow white

Dreams of war, dreams of liars
Dreams of dragons fire
And of things that will bite

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
Off to never never land

Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
Pray the lord my soul to take

Hush little baby, dont say a word
And never mind that noise you heard
Its just the beast under your bed,
In your closet, in your head

Exit light
Enter night
Grain of sand

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
Were off to never never land

I'll leave you with that.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Yup. I must be for this many posts in one day. I am soo bored and no ones on the computer. I went to Work Day at the Church earlier and I painted three coats of Magnetic primer and its all over me. Its on my shoes especially. I painted a little blob on my shoe and a smiley is on my right. ITs kinda cool but unfortuanately theres not enough for anything to stick. And I also helped carry a foosball table. The youth leader, Adam, got one end, I got the other and the twins carried the legs. I cut my finger and got a blister cuz the thing was so heavy. Yupp.
Let's see what else, what am i forgetting/???
Oh yeah, on Friday, there was a student vs. Faculty game at school and we got stomped. 29-71. The old geezers beat us. it was sad.
well i think thats it.
just remembered something else i can blog about!
So, i let Cauis (Coach Rice) borrow my Twilight book, (he musta forgotton the story lol) and i got it back on Friday. He said he got half way trhough it and decided to give it back because he wouldnt be able to finish it soon. So I have it back!!!!!!!!!
let's party!
Yeah, well George is makin me get offahere. SO.
George says Ciao.


I am so bored. And there is so much i should be doing other than hanging out on the computer but I can't do any of it until I'm at my house. Like for example, i should be transforming my stories from computer onto paper or working on my book but i Cant because Im at Dad's. So. That sucks. Well Ima get off adn go hang out on some random site. See ya



Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?

Yup. thats my themes song for today. And for the past week. I mean, why does EVERYTHING in high school be so freakin complicated? Especially with guys. I mean for all things Holy and Sacred just say what you want to say and quit beating around the bush with it. I mean, jeez. Jasper Hale no you can't just say what you want to and get it over with. And in high school, no matter what, there is ALWAYS somebody who disagrees with the desicions you make and then they have to voice their every opininon about it. And yes i don realize that i just misspelled "opinion" but you know what? I really really really dont care right now. All i care about right now is how many Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies I have left and how long i think they will ast me before i have to run to the Cookie Booths next to Walmart and stock up. Thats It. So yea, I'm done.