Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Babysitting the Munchkins this Week, the Twerps Next.

Sound fun? No. of ocurse not. Geez, everyone gets to do interesting stuff except me. like James is at the beach as we speak, type, wahtever. Kaila gets to workout at St. Mary's and go to the lake which i consider pretty damn exciting compared to my summer. Helen went to the lake hosue and Indiana Jones. And Kansas, last i heard, got to go to a writer's conference. You know what I'm doing? babysitting. This week at dad's im stuck at home with Leann and Sarah babysitting. Next week you know what Kayla's doing? At home with Leann and Chelsie. and the only break im gonna get all summer from being stuck at home babysitting is going to Jacksonville NC to the beach with my sister. and then its gonna be "yeah you guys can do this just watcht he girls" "kayla watch mason" "watch this person and this person" adn im not going to get a break from babysitting. But you know what i find rather shitty? Nikki used to babysit me and leann in the summer which i guess you could turn into an argument of "its you turn" type thing. Except, NIkki had a car and got to go places after someone got home. I on the other hand do not even have my permit yet (which leads to another argument). That i can deal with because shes six years older than me while im only three older than leann so of course nikki had her license. But what i dont like is Nikki got paid. Mom says its because Nikki did chores too while she babysat which in truth is me and leann did the chores. Btu you know what i do when i babyist leann, and now Chelsie? I clean. I clean the kitchen, do laundry, my room, i clean. aand when cleanning is done, i work on either my stories or getting my reading done. Im productive! they on the other hand sit on their asses. And you know who gets paid? not Kayla! and i know now someones gonna try to argue something abotu the economy. but i dont care right now about the economy. i could care less about the whole we cant give you money to do this sorry. you know what i would take payment as in like yeah you can have so and so come over. yeah you can go to the FREE concert yeah you can hang out at the mall yeah you can go tubing with your friends. all of which require no money. but you know what i get NO. NO. you cant do this because you didnt do this or didnt do this right.

okay when i got on here i intended to end my blog but you know ima keep it going for awhile, see how things evolve.
i gotta go both of them are awake now.
back to my life of unfairness.

oh adn Kansas, you said you wanted to read something of mine? I have a story up on fanfiction.net "Tears Dont Fall" you'll have to read the Twiligth Saga or at leasthave a basic idea of the story though.

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Rexpennae said...

Kansas will read soon, he just got ungrounded and is getting kicked off the computer after completing most of my unfinished business.

I did indeed go to a Writer's conference, and it would be a good I dea for you to find one to go to.

I was at the CCWC.