Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm invading your house

well, Kaila's house anyway.
Because lucky me gets to babysit the twerps all summer. Which is hell because my only "vacation" is going to be stuck with my sister in NC (aka the middle of NOWHERE [well except for Wallace]) sleeping on the couch and hearing her bitch about how i have to watch mason because i'm guessing shes too damn lazy to do it herself. That and on fourth of july weekend im being dragged to Topsail, NC (the only decent beach they have) and staying at NIkki's again. Oh and dad's for two straight weeks. and suppposedly im going to StarJam on the 4th which would be amazing because both Boys Like Girls and Good Charlotte are going to be there and me and Helen's made plans to stalk them. And we're killing Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton who will no doubt be there because their boyfriends Joel adn Benji will be there. Fun fun fun. Right?
not really. and im supposed to be going to Dollywood with a thousand people and i've set goals to finish reading all my books sitting on top of my stereo speakers that have yet to be read, which are listed below from memory (and spelling may be off):
Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde
War of the Worlds
Prince and the Pauper
october Sky
Diary of a Teenage Girl
Red Badge of COurage
wuthering heights
and i know there's more than that. There is. And i have to do English summer assignment--fun. which is reading Lord of the Flies which sounds absolutely wonderful don't you think?!
and i set a deadline a long time ago i was going to have my book finished by the end of sophomore year. it was going to be done, ready to be sent off to the publishers. And I had it basically done at the end of Decemeber, i was proud. Until Nathaniel pointed out to me one day that the title was really kind of lame. And so i went out on a quest (for the Holy Grail) no, went on a quest to find (the holy grail!)
anyway. so in this quest (you say one thing about the holy grail i will kick your ass) (ok.) in this quest...*no voice*...in this quest i decided rather than plan out sequels when im not even sure about the first one succeeding, then i would mush all the plans together and publish them as one. which i named From Ebony to Ivory. Much better than Devil's Servant in my personal opionion. And the renaming struck up more ideas. Which caused me to break down my original story and now I am reconstructing the entire thing.
so in addition to the rest of my already busy summer, i was planning on working on my story to meet the deadline i had set up back in, what?, seventh grade? Yeah. thats how long i've been working on this damn story.
And in the meantime, i'm trying to get a job, hopefully the one over at Brusters, so i can save money to buy myself a new computer because hte one i have now i a piece of shit. It's Kaila's old one that she had before her mom bought her one and before that it was her grandpa's. All in all its older than shit, falling apart and if you so much as come within an inch of a certain cord, the whole thing fucks up. Therfore, i want, no scratch that, i very much need this new computer i am saving up for. I need one with a USB too, which oh by the way my current one doesnt have. yeah. totally lame.
oh and i have to find a way to get my Dollywood pass renewed.
and do chores while babysitting the munchkins.
and work on my fanfiction story or else im going to be killed by hundreds of fellow twilighters.
and i need to save for BReaking Dawn when it comes out.
my summer's pretty jampacked. except we all now that when summer does come, i'll be complaining its too boring or something. either that or i never have time to rest. probably a mixture of both.
and HElen informed me today that shes going to try to have a bunch of bonfires this summer which results to the fact i'll be hanging out at the bonfires alot.
and trying to squeeze in time for all my friends.
which will be difficult, and the only time i'll have to blog is like a few seconds every so often.
which is kinda suckish for you guys but oh well u'll get over it.
and todays just overall not a good day.
im sick.
and i had finals today and schools coming to a close and all this is kinda depressing.
but oh well.
and normally i would leave you guys on that depressing note but i have nothign else to do so might as well keep typing. about what? who knows.
i have a lot to do this summer.
a bunch to do.
oh well.
ok now im leaving you.



Rexpennae said...

More going on in your summer than Kansas'. I got back from a writer's conference, seriously, the best thing you could do as a writer.
So now I have lots and lots of work to do, also, I'd like to read something of yours to give you some advice I got this last week, that's just about it,

Rexpennae Kansas

Alice! said...

oh and by the way.

your blogs are looooooooooooongggggggg.

like jasper.

not like edward.